This text is about intelligence. People have noticed differences in intelligence among individuals a long time ago. Intelligence can be described by many different words – brightness, cleverness, reasoning power, quickness in learning, and in solving problems.

Every parent, teacher, and employer has noticed differences among people. Some of them are clever, some are stupid, and the most of them are somewhere in the middle.

There is a continuous gradation of mental ability from idiot to genius. Individual variation is an aspect of all living things. Without individual variation biological evolution could not have occurred.

Psychologists found techniques for measuring intelligence. The first intelligence test was devised in 1905 by Alfred Binet. Binet’s test was improved by Lewis Terman at Stanford University. It is the most famous test. It is known as the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. It is still used.

There are many intelligence tests. They measure the same general ability.

If we give several different intelligence tests to a large number of persons, their scores on all the tests will be in pretty much the same. Those students who get a high score on one test will have a high score on the others.

Maybe I am mistaken but I wouldn’t agree with the last paragraph. It’s a true in general. But it happens very often when clever students have a bad score in tests. Besides that many scientists prove that these tests are not ideal and very often do not show intelligence.




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